Yuit LLC: A better approach to communications

Yuit LLC is an Anchorage-based strategic communications and software development firm that offers its clients a unique approach to conquering communications challenges. By cutting out some of the internal process layers common in a traditional agency, Yuit’s approach is more cost-effective and hits the messaging mark faster.

Yuit, which means “belonging to the people” in Yupik, is an Alaska Native-owned firm that got its start a decade ago by developing highly sophisticated oil well management systems for the oil and gas industry. The custom software team has since grown and now works side-by-side with award winning communications experts to offer a full range of advertising and public relations services.

Yuit’s team includes a seasoned political and communications strategist, a former television reporter and media relations expert as well as an award winning videographer, graphic designer and business development manager. This team is no run-of-the-mill advertising agency – by combining technology, creativity and strategic communications, this team helps businesses grow.

For more information, visit: www.yuit.com.

Author: Ann Northcutt

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