TerraSond: Geophysical Services here and around the world

TerraSond was formed in 1994 to provide professional geospatial and geophysical services, both terrestrial and marine, safely, effectively and economically. With U.S. offices located in Alaska, Texas, and Washington States, and international experience on a variety of projects in many countries on several continents, we survey around the U.S. and world.

Our clients are from the oil and gas, pipeline, power and telecom, renewable energy, mining, engineering, shipping, dredging and construction industries, as well as government agencies including charting authorities, port authorities and those responsible for environmental management.

We are wholly committed to maintaining a safe workplace. We are an organization with a well-accepted Quality Management System, a great track record of safe operations and are confident of our processes and our work.

We have diverse educations, experiences and skills, relentlessly cross-training so we can work in multi-disciplinary teams that provide a high level of project integration. Our team includes surveyors, geophysicists, geologists, hydrographers and oceanographers.

Mapping the earth, as well as accurately and safely positioning vehicles, vessels and other assets on the earth, is what we do best.

Learn more about TerraSond at www.terrasond.com.

Author: Ann Northcutt

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