RedGuard: Blast-resistant buildings for the industry and beyond

Started in 1998 as A Box 4 U, RedGuard creates functional, durable and reliable blast-resistant buildings. Protecting people and assets with the largest lease fleets of blast-reistant buildings -modular & cost-effective, RedGuard also custom designs & builds SAFETYsuite BRBs to your specifications.

Using extensive research and third-party blast tests, RedGuard leases buildings to customers and designs customized products to meet individual needs. From their LeaseFleet, SafetySuite and CoverSix Shelters, RedGuard has a product to meet your needs.

With a website that features “industry terminology” and “key product attributes,” RedGuard encourages people to understand the importance of blast-resistant buildings for the industry and how best to find a structure that suits your needs – whether you buy from them or not. In their words, “we believe that whenever there’s a life at stake, good just isn’t good enough.”

Visit to learn more about blast-resistant buildings and the products offered by RedGuard.

Author: Ann Northcutt

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