Port of Anchorage: Gateway to Alaska

Established in 1961 and surviving the 1964 Great Alaska Earthquake, the Port of Anchorage serves 87% of the State’s population and 250 communities with life’s necessities, fresh foods, heavy industrial supplies and equipment, and vehicles.

Five 35 ft MLLW deep draft berths, three for cargo and two for refined petroleum, and a dry barge berth form the waterfront facilities, Heavy cargo like North Slope modules, 660,000 lb Wartsila dual fuel engines for MEA’s new power plant at Eklutna, and a full range of refined fuels make the Port of Anchorage the major multipurpose port in the State.

In the recently completed Business Plan Update the Port has new focus, actively seeking out business in oil and gas, mining and energy project cargo and bulk products. This broad product line utilizes vessels, trucks, barges, rail, and air. The rail line was extended into the heart of the Port to facilitate intermodal operations. 100,000 million lbs of air cargo, much of it Bypass Mail, passes through the Port on its way via Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport to destinations statewide. We provide facilities for common use to enable shippers to make their own unloading and loading arrangement.

In partnership with our business partners in all transportation modes the Port plans continued uninterrupted service and looks forward to a promising future for all of Alaska.

To learn more about the Port of Anchorage go to www:portofalaska.com
Contact: Richard Wilson, Port Director WilsonRG@Muni.org tel. 907-343-6201

Author: Ann Northcutt

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