NOSI – Field support services to Alaska’s largest oil and mining companies

NANA Oilfield Services, Inc. (NOSI) provides a wide range of field support services to Alaska’s largest oil and mining companies. Services include delivery of bulk fuels, potable water and Chevron lubricants, as well as long-haul trucking in-state. NOSI is the only full-service Chevron 1st Source Marketer on the North Slope and at Red Dog Mine.

NOSI provides service and products from the NOSI Operations Facility and Tank Farm, located near the Deadhorse Airport on the North Slope. Completed in 2010, and expanded in 2012, the 140-by-80-foot operations facility houses six bays to keep NOSI’s work vehicles sheltered from the harsh winter, and provide safe product warehousing. The tank farm has a capacity of 1M+ gallons.

NOSI operates with a culture of safety, and is committed to exceed industry standards and regulations. All employees complete the North Slope Training Cooperative program (NSTC). NOSI also invests in protecting the environment through extensive training in spill prevention and response for employees and by using products that have a low environmental impact.

Established in 1975, NOSI is wholly owned by NANA Development Corporation. Learn more about NOSI at

Author: Ann Northcutt

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