Foss Maritime Company: “Oil is Foss Maritime’s northern common denominator”

It was 1932 when Foss’s contract with Union Oil found them delivering refined products to villages and canneries in Southeast Alaska. Nearly a century later, Foss’s relationship with Alaska continues to thrive. From construction support during the building of the Cook Inlet pipelines and drilling platforms, to lightering ore from Red Dog Mine, Foss builds assets specifically designed for Alaska based on years of experience working in these waters.

In 2013, Foss delivered infrastructure to Point Thomson, a field once considered too remote for development and work is underway on a new asset built to withstand impact with ice flows in anticipation of offshore development in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seats.

Through Foss’s partnership with ASRC Energy Services, they are training Iñupiat youth for maritime industry jobs. Foss continues to adapt and change to meet the needs of Alaska’s oil, gas and mining industries.

In the words of Gary Farber, president of global services, “We know the state and we know its waters. When Foss Maritime invests to grow our Alaska operations, when we build assets designed specifically for its oceans, seas, rivers and beaches, we do so with the knowledge gained through decades of local experience.”

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Author: Ann Northcutt

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