FOR Immediate Release: GCI Industrial Telecom announces the hiring of 2-Way Radio

FOR Immediate Release
June 19, 2015

For information contact: Mark V. Johnson,
GCI Industrial Telecom
Phone: 907-868-5478

GCI Industrial Telecom announces the hiring of 2-Way Radio
Program Manager – Melissa Marshall, PMP

GCI Industrial Telecom, a division of GCI, understands the importance of strong communications during an emergency response. GCI Industrial Telecom is pleased to announce the hiring of Melissa Marshall, PMP to our team as a LMR / P25 / TDMA Radio Program Manager.

Ms. Marshall brings a solid resume of consultant, system designer, and project management with extensive experience implementing communication systems including P25 TDMA and CDMA, VHF, UHF, 700-800 MHz, SCADA, DAS, video teleconference, satellite, fiber optic and microwave systems. Her duties with the GCI Industrial telecom team will include all aspects of project lifecycle delivery from requirements gathering, developing technical specifications, writing RFP’s, system design, implementation, quality control and final documentation close outs and audits,
and team supervision for mission critical systems.

“We have known Melissa for a long time. She’ll make a solid addition to our Radio Frequency (RF) Engineering team” said Rick Hansen, Director of Projects and Engineering at GCI Industrial Telecom. “We have a great history in Alaska with performing this work for clients in the oil patch but we recognized the opportunity in “first net” type projects in the L48. Melissa has the ability to jump start this first responder business. She will no doubt help us to diversify our product portfolio. We’re excited she is on the team. ” Rick continued.

With fully staffed offices in Deadhorse and Anchorage, Alaska and Houston, Texas, GCI Industrial Telecom employs more than 150 professional telecommunication engineers, project managers and technicians to support the full life cycles of industrial and remote operations. More information about GCI Industrial Telecommunications and our product offerings are available at and 907-868-0400, toll-free 877-411-1484.


Author: Ann Northcutt

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