Dittman Research: One of the nation’s oldest opinion and market research firms

Founded in 1969, Dittman research continues to be at the forefront of political contests, social marketing campaigns, public relations and crisis management, and shareholder outreach/engagement campaigns in Alaska. With tested methods of reaching all areas of Alaska, including rural regions, Dittman continues to be a leader in the state. In business for 40 plus years, Dittman is one of the nation’s oldest opinion and market research firms.

Over the years, using telephonic, mail, intercept and web based methods, Dittman has conducted hundreds of thousands of interviews with Alaskans, providing accurate results to deliver winning strategies for Alaskan businesses, organizations and campaigns.

Dittman’s clients include both public and private sector organizations, including Native corporations, resource development companies, retail operations and nonprofit organizations. They are skilled at taking big amounts of data, crunching it and using the information to strategically move constituencies over to your side.

In their words, “We look far and wide to reveal micro-segments of thought – we take aim and execute with laser sharp precision.”

To learn more about Dittman Research and how they can help your business, visit their website at www.dittmanresearch.com.

Author: Ann Northcutt

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