Alliance in the news: Frontiersman spotlights trade associations

The Frontiersman spotlights trade associations in Alaska and singles out the Alliance as being one of the bright spots in Alaska.

“One of the most successful Alaska trade associations is the Alaska Support Industry Alliance. Led by Rebecca Logan, a tenacious and well-informed champion of a sustainable economy, the Alliance is the signature advocacy and information source in the state for promoting responsible exploration, development and production of oil, gas and mineral resources.

When I asked Logan about expansion (or not) of the association’s membership over her three years as the executive director, she explained that the Alliance has added 150 members, with a current membership of 500 businesses who employ 30,000 people in the state. Her vision is to continue to grow and remain cohesive, noting “the potential is endless. Every business in the state could be a member because every business in some capacity supports oil, gas and mining.”

Logan has the right attitude, but we need more executive directors like her and trade associations like Alliance.”

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Author: cbutcher

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